Beware Of Obesity, It Can Affect Your Fertility

In the modern world, obesity seems to have become a problem for many. While some of us try to ignore it and continue with our quotidian lifestyle, others resort to various measures like dieting, hitting the gym, and so on. Most of us are aware of the common issues that can surface because of overweight – diabetes, joint problems, cardiovascular diseases, etc. But did you know that obesity can affect your chances of conceiving successfully also? Here’s how excessive weight may become a barrier in your path to healthy pregnancy:

Negative Impact On Hormones

If BMI or body mass index of a woman transcends the standard overweight category of 25 to 29.9, and becomes 30 or more than that, specific hormonal changes can take place within her body. As the natural balance of hormones gets disturbed, it can significantly cut down on her fertility, thereby decreasing her conception success chances.

Improper Menstrual Cycles & Egg Production

The imbalance in hormones triggered by excessive weight often results in insulin resistance. Apart from being a primary risk factor for diabetes, it can also negatively affect the fertility of a woman and lead to improper menstrual cycles. In addition to that, insulin resistance is also capable of triggering anovulation, a condition characterised by inability to produce eggs effectively.

High Risk Of Miscarriage

With obesity, the chances of miscarriage are always higher, irrespective of whether an overweight woman gets pregnant naturally or with the help of artificial technologies like (IVF) in vitro fertilisation. The main reason behind this is the fact that obesity induces hormonal changes in the body and also affects egg production. For someone who has had fertility issues in the past, gaining excessive weight can make it challenging for her to get pregnant in future.

Decreased Testosterone Levels In Men

Though most obesity-related conception problems are linked to women, being overweight can affect the potency of men too. Obesity may not only decrease the testosterone levels in men, but also lead to erectile dysfunction. All of these can, in turn, contribute towards infertility.

Fortunately, there are certain holistic treatment methods that can help to fight obesity as well as conception problems. One such method is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is used by many practitioners in Northern Beaches for fertility treatment. The therapy gets to the root of the issues and restores hormonal balance, thus ensuring overall well-being without any harmful side effect.


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