Zurich Company, Ava[1], has developed a “fertility bracelet” to “enable women who wish to become pregnant to monitor their menstrual cycles and fertility”. This bracelet is connected to an app which collects “millions of data during sleep, e.g. breathing, quality of sleep, pulse rate, temperature and other parameters associated with an increase in reproduction hormones”. The information can then be consulted on the user’s smart phone. Clinical studies carried out in Zurich Hospital have shown that this connected bracelet “detects approximately 5.3 fertile days per cycle with an accuracy of 89%”.


The Ava bracelet has been available in the United States since July and costs $199.00. It should be launched on the Swiss market in 2017. Yesterday, the company announced that it has raised $10 million to continue its research, boost production and launch marketing campaigns in Europe.


[1] In partnership with the Swiss Electronics and Microtechnology Centre, Swiss laboratories for the testing of materials and research and Zurich University Hospital.


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