IVF recognized as the most popular way to treat infertility

We can safely say that in 2015, global medical tourism has peaked.The reason for this phenomenon is that people prefer IVF among other treatments through the development of technology and the emergence of PGD and three-parent IVF procedures. According to estimates experts, by 2021, the amount invested in the IVF, will rise to 11.3 billion dollars. Basically, the market growth is due to women over 40 (they have a reduction in fertility levels) and women with gynecological diseases, which affect the ability to conceive and bear a baby. Another factor influencing the development of the market is situations when couples decide to postpone the birth of a child due to financial or professional matters. But on the other hand, the development of the market in some countries is hindered with low awareness of the population and high cost of such procedures.

Currently, the increase in the commercialization of IVF procedures and the development of medical tourism promote the development of IVF, and ongoing research to help helps spread IVF at the world market. For an accurate assessment of the market, it is done only after the division of the world market into segments based on the geographic location and the end user. The market of in vitro fertilization for the end user is divided into surgical centers, clinical research institutes, fertility clinics and hospitals. In the world market hospitals and clinics are leading, which cover almost three-quarters of the market.

From a geographical point of view, the market is divided into segments across Europe, North America, LAMEA and Asia Pacific regions. By the number of carried out IVF cycles Asia Pacific region leads. Experts suggest that Asia Pacific IVF market will grow in 2021 thanks to the widespread availability of IVF clinics, the high level of successful outcomes and dissemination of medical tourism. Currently, among all the countries of Asia-Pacific region China dominates, and specialists predict that its position will not change.


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