Surrogate Mothers in Movies

The problem of infertility is very widespread in the modern world. But medicine evolves, and now there are many different ways to solve this issue. Artificial insemination at first seemed something behind a side of fiction. For the first time surrogacy appeared in 1980. Just imagine: your child will be given birth by a stranger woman! And from the standpoint of morality, ethics and religion many questions have appeared. Of course, a new phenomenon could not help being reflected in the cinematograph. Here is a list of films from different countries about surrogacy and the problems associated with it.

Baby Mama (2008)

Bab mama movie Kate Holbrook is a successful businesswoman, but she is single, because she has preferred her career to a personal life. And now she is 37, and she recognizes that her own baby is everything she wants. But the problem is that Kate is infertile. What to do if the doctor said that the chance of getting pregnant is one in a million, and it is impossible to adopt a child? Her last hope is the surrogate mother. Because of despair, Kate agrees to Angie Ostrowiski became the surrogate mother of her child. But Angie is too thoughtless; besides, she has unhealthy habits. Soon Angie parts with her boyfriend and appears on the doorstep of Kate’s house. Fortune give Kate the chance to feel like a mom of non-self, irresponsible kid before child’s birth. Who will win in this war of the characters? Will Angie become proper surrogate mother? Watch this movie about Kate who found a desired family.

Final Vendetta (1996)

The Surrogate Woman (1987)



The film tells the story of couples asked for help to surrogate mother. At first glance, this is an ordinary case. But the couple did not know that the girl, who agreed to give birth to their child, is obsessed with the revenge. She wants vendetta for the tragedy of her childhood, and nothing can stop her.

  The Surrogate Woman (1987)

The Surrogate Woman (1987)

A young nobleman, Shin, needs a male heir, but her wife and him can’t conceive the baby, so there is nobody who will continue Shin’s family name. Realizing the situation, Shin’s wife allows him to find a surrogate wife who would give birth him an heir. Looking for a surrogate mother Shin meets a seventeen-year-old Ok-nyo. The girl is very poor, but feisty, and she is ready to be the surrogate wife for money. First, Ok-nyo has the status of a servant, but gradually the Shin and girl’s relationship develops. They are in love and secretly meet for passionate affairs. As a result, Ok-nyo conceives, but can they be together? Will Shin take an heir? Perhaps, Shin will not want to stay by her side and leave Ok-nyo and their child forever…

Love for Rent (2005)

Love for Rent (2005)


Sofia studies at the University, but she is a Colombian immigrant, and deportation awaist her. She decides to take a desperate step and get married for a green card. But now her marriage is falling apart, and her husband threatens her with divorce. Sophie doesn’t want to be deported and agrees to become a surrogate mother for great sum of money. But she does not know yet how much this step will change her life.



The Surrogate (1995)

The Surrogate (1995)


Amy, the young and talented student, replies on an ordinary advertisement for a rental place. Here, she meets a nice couple, Joan and Stuart Quinn. She rents the place, and gradually the Quinns and she create a close relationship. After much deliberation, this family asks her to help and become the surrogate mother of their child, because the couple can’t have babies anymore. Amy agrees, but then she discovers a dark secret about the death of couple’s first baby. Amy decides not to give the child and flees. Now she is wanted by the police for kidnapping of her own child.


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