Heartrending moment mom-to-be feels her unborn twins move inside surrogate – in her OWN tummy

For any parents-to-be, the baby’s kick inside the womb are exciting moments. But many a dad would probably admit to feeling a little left out at times.

Now, a U.S. team has come up with a novel way for both parents to experience their unborn child’s movements in the womb. They have developed a pair of belts that allow fathers-to-be to feel their unborn baby kick.

After a battle with cancer left her unable to have children, she thought she’d never be able to experience the sensation of having her own child moving inside her.

The woman from the US, known only as Sharde, was not able to experience the joy of pregnancy. She and her husband Jake are expecting twins, thanks to the help of a surrogate.

As grateful as Sharde is for the chance to have children, she felt that she was missing out on the mother-daughter bond one feels when your unborn baby moves – until now.

Thanks to an electronic belt, which was attached to her surrogate Antoinette, Sharde was able to feel her baby girls kick and move around, as if they were in her own belly.

The “Hugbelt” was a miracle for Sharde and Jake, who can now experience the two little lives growing inside Antoinette.

“I did always imagine that I would be pregnant, you know, experiencing the kicks and morning sickness or the different food cravings, but that didn’t happen,” Sharde says in the video.

The disposable was initially developed by nappy manufacturer Huggies so that fathers could feel their unborn children move and kick inside their mother’s bellies.

Huggies reps are now travelling the world to share their invention with families who are expecting their babies under “special circumstances”.

It’s still not clear whether the belts will come into production in the near future, however.


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