Interesting facts about egg donation

What does egg donation mean? Roughly speaking, it’s the phenomenon when one women, who’s called donor, give her oocytes to another one (recipient), because donor’s eggs help the second woman to have a baby. During the process donor uses drugs by which her ovaries produce few сells over a one cycle. After that doctor extracts eggs and then embryologist checks it. These cells may be used for IVF cycle or to be frozen.

Egg donation germs in early 80’s. In 1978 scientists have proved that the IVF is very effective method in the fight against infertility and American citizens knew about egg donation. In 5 years the first child was born through IVF and egg donation in Australia. Also in 1983 IVF-Egg Donor cycle was conducted in the USA and the first baby was born after nine months.

In 1990 IVF with donor eggs became the solution for problem of age-related infertility. From that very moment treatment became possible even for women over 40 years, if they can physically bear a child. Of course, the financial aspect of this question is very important too. Recipients should be ready to spend a lot of money during the process.

Egg donation as a part of infertility treatment is successfully developing during all these years. It has become a new hope for women who can’t conceive due to various reasons. Also IVF-Egg Donor cycles are a good solution for some couples who want to avoid hereditary diseases. And egg donation is a perfect alternative of adoption for many infertile women and single persons. In the twenty first century new methods of treatment have become feasible thanks to advanced technologies. information about egg donation

Nowadays more than 50,000 children have already been born due to egg donation. A lot of new laws regulating this procedure have been passed all over the world. An appearance of the new methods has become the cause of many disputes. In connection with this fact, medical associations around the world prepared guidelines to use IVF with donor eggs correctly.

Over the last 25 years the development of egg donation had many discussions of the ethical and legal aspects of this method. Technical and legal basis for the clinical using of human oocytes was created in many countries. A lot of rules was introduced for, children, their parents and donors’ safety. However, the legal status and form of the compensation may vary depending on the location. There are countries where this procedure is illegal (for example, in Australia and Italy) or allowable, but only on condition when it is no payable and anonymous. In Canada this kind of donation is allowed if procedure is anonymous and a donor get the money. In some states the donation is permitted if it is anonymous and the donor receives compensation (Czech Republic, Poland, Spain and Ukraine). If a couple thinks about doing IVF cycle abroad, they should to research the laws of that very country relating to IVF.


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