What is the Relationship like between Surrogates and Intended Parents?

Surrogacy is a big decision for a woman to make. Many women may think that it will be a lonely journey, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In a majority of cases, surrogates create a lifelong bond with the intended parents. They work together to produce meaningful relationships that are both healthy and harmonious. Here are some types of relationships that surrogates and intended parents have.

Typical Relationships

From the earliest elements of the selection process, Simple Surrogacy encourages honest, as well as, friendly communication between potential surrogates and intended parents. This gives both groups a chance to learn about each other and establish an idea about compatibility before pregnancy occurs. In many cases, intended parents are excited to learn about the woman who is generously offering to make their dreams come true. Surrogacy is an emotional experience that never fails to reap benefits for everyone involved.

As the due date approaches, intended parents and the surrogate often spend a lot of time together preparing for the child’s arrival. It’s not a mandatory part of the surrogacy process, but a lot of surrogacy agencies encourage this friendly participation between parties. Whether it’s a requirement or not, many participants choose to make the most of this time together anyway.

Less Common Relationships

While most intended parents are invested in being a part of a surrogate’s life, others may choose to receive information on a need-to-know basis. Parents who decide to take this route are usually preparing for life after birth and a separation from the surrogate. In no way does this choice reflect their attitude towards the surrogate or her valuable service. If a surrogate wants to establish a more solid relationship, intended parents who fall into this category are usually open to meeting these requests.


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